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The family are trying Emerging Guidance For Recognising Factors Of Nurses Care For Problems With Lungs | Austin Rodriguez Place to raise 120,000 crowfunding via JustGiving to pay for what could be a life-saving transplant for Oliver – but are still searching for a match. The condition is a complicated genetic condition relating to his GATA2 gene, which doctors believe may be why Oliver lost his hearing. But his parents, from Plymouth, Devon, said strangely after the diagnosis things started to make sense. Oliver has always been special, dad Mike, 37, said. “When he was younger we used to think he wasn’t brushing his teeth properly as his gums used to bleed.” Oliver has also been deaf since birth – which doctors now believe is related to this rare condition. Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Mum Nicola, who works at a dental school, said: The most difficult thing is knowing there wasnt anything I could physically do to make it better and that we are very much in the hands of the medical team.” This genetic link was only discovered in the last five years, so the process of collecting cases is still going on. As yet, we dont have a population-scale analysis to know how common it is. The head of research at a leading blood cancer charity said Oliver’s condition was extremely rare and said it had only been discovered around five years ago. Matt Kaiser, of Bloodwise, said: This genetic link was only discovered in the last five years, so the process of collecting cases is still going on.” He said: There have been reported cases of people inheriting a faulty GATA2 gene before, but it is incredibly rare fewer than one in a million people have the fault but if a person does, then they have a 50:50 chance of passing it on to their children.” The family have been wrapped up in a whirlwind of hospitals, blood tests and treatments since Oliver was diagnosed last summer. He was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night after doctors thought he might have lukeamia. Nicola and Mike, an engineer for the Ministry of Defence, became concerned after Oliver developed a cough on holiday. He was taken to see a GP who conducted Shared this blood tests.

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